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Five Depop Sellers on Sustainability, Consumption, and Their Personal Style 

“I’m thankful for Depop, making a platform for the youth to take a stance on the consumption and fast fashion.”

Greetings Upper East Siders, Meet the New Cast of Gossip Girl

We finally are getting more details about the upcoming return of Gossip Girl.

Elite Might Have Just Killed Off a Major Character

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Existential Super Tuesday Questions for Each Democrat

March 3 could determine the shape of the 2020 primary season moving forward.

Artemis Fowl Fans Are Not Happy With the New Movie Trailer

The movie adaptation of the beloved book series hits theaters on May 29.

Fast Fashion Is a Feminist Issue

Diverging from shame while understanding privilege.

Pete Buttigieg Is Reportedly Ending His Presidential Campaign

The announcement comes just after the South Carolina primary.

These Students Marched With Josh Hutcherson to Support Bernie Sanders

“It was amazing to see an old childhood icon, and to have him fight for the same things all of us are.”

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is a Global Public Health Crisis

Hundreds have died and the illness has spread to dozens of countries.

Kiernan Shipka and Ross Butler Are Teaming Up For a New Series

They'll be “swimming with sharks” together.